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DEP Social Media

The Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection manages several social media outlets, including WordPress, Lyris ListManager, Facebook, YouTube, Photobucket and Twitter. Each outlet serves a different audience and shares pertinent information specific to these audiences. You can also review our Social Media Comment Policy.

Word Press logoWordPress is a free and open source tool and a dynamic content management system. It can be used to create aesthetically pleasing websites with practical functionalities including the ability to search and archive content. The Department for Environmental Protection (DEP) currently manages two WordPress websites to share timely information in addition to our static website.

• Naturally Connected was created by DEP to communicate with stakeholders across the state. Through this tool we provide a variety of information, including departmental updates, job opportunities, environmental announcements and other information pertinent to Kentucky citizens.

• Operation Matters was created by the department’s Operator Certification Program to communicate with individuals licensed by the agency, including wastewater, drinking water and solid waste operators. Through this tool we provide a variety of information, including job opportunities, updates on regulations, reminders about training events and license renewals, and other information pertinent to industry professionals.

Lyris ListManager logoLyris ListManager is an email program that DEP utilizes to manage subscription-based email lists and distribute electronic newsletters. DEP currently sends out four different electronic newsletters to inform various audiences of relevant news, events and updates pertinent to their respective fields.

• Naturally Connected e-newsletter is a weekly compilation of posts from the Naturally Connected WordPress site. This department digest may also include important agency announcements and relevant news. If you are interested in receiving this newsletter, click here.

• SNIPS is a bi-weekly e-newsletter created by the department’s Division of Compliance Assistance (DCA) to inform regulated entities of permit changes, regulatory updates, workshops and webinars, and industry news. If you are interested in receiving SNIPS as well as important regulatory announcements, click here.

• Operator Certification Program e-newsletter was created by DCA to digest the past week’s posts from the Operation Matters WordPress site. If you are interested in receiving this weekly newsletter, click here.   

Facebook logoFacebook is a social networking site used to connect wide audiences through the sharing of user profiles. Facebook users can share status updates, photos, videos and links, as well as comment on other pages’ postings.

• Kentucky Division of Compliance Assistance Facebook page was created as an outreach tool to communicate with users about sustainability behaviors in Kentucky. It contains information about DCA staff activities, recent projects, local community activities, sustainable best practices and programs.

• Central Appalachian Revitalization Network Facebook page exists to facilitate the sharing of information among the individuals, organizations and agencies that are working to clean up and redevelop environmentally-impaired properties throughout central Appalachia.

• Kentucky Watershed Health Reports Facebook page is the “one stop shop” for information on the current state of specific watersheds in the state, as well as information about watershed groups and their meetings. Additionally, lessons about impaired waters versus unimpaired waters, local opportunities to volunteer and other green tips that help improve local water quality are communicated on the page.

• Kentucky Wild Rivers Program Facebook page was created to communicate land acquisition projects, share photos of the Wild Rivers Corridors and increase public awareness of the program.

• Kentucky Risk MAP Facebook page communicates the actions of KY RiskMAP, which is a coordinated effort between the Kentucky Division of Water and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The goal of the program is to educate the public about their risks to many hazards, with an emphasis on flooding-based hazards.  


Twitter logoTwitter is a social networking and microblogging site that allows users to exchange information real-time via 140 character text, known as tweets. Twitter is primarily a mobile device social media tool targeted to smartphone users.

• KYDEP Twitter account is primarily used to notify followers of postings to the Naturally Connected WordPress site. The tweets give the title of the blog post as well as the link to the full posting. Other relevant news including departmental press releases and announcements may also be tweeted.

 YouTube logoYouTube is a video sharing website that allows users to upload, share and view videos. It allows organizations to publish and organize content in one concise, user-friendly location.

• EECDCA YouTube channel was created to host descriptive programmatic videos about DCA programs. This channel will also be used to post clips of webinars, training events and presentations given by DCA staff members.

Photobucket logoPhotobucket is a free image-hosting, slideshow creation and photo-sharing website that allows organizations to upload and catalogue content. Photo albums can be created to categorize photos by date, event, program or custom category. Albums shared via Photobucket can also be linked to other social media sites, including Twitter and Facebook.

• KyDCA Photobucket account was created to archive photos from DCA events and projects. Some photo albums are linked to press releases for media members to retrieve high resolution photos for publicity purposes.